Citrix Access Network Gateway
You are logging into the Alberta Health Services computer network. Access is restricted to authorized users only. Unauthorized use of this network may result in criminal or civil prosecution. Do not attempt to login if you are not an authorized user. The use of this network is monitored.
Authorized Users Only
User name:

- If you have a hardware token/FOB your passcode is your PIN + 6 digit tokencode (no spaces between).

- If you have a software token, enter your PIN into the RSA SecurID app on your smartphone. The 8-digit code that is generated is your passcode. If you require assistance: please call the appropriate AHS Service Desk for your zone.

- For general inquiries about the HAP, please contact

Special Notice:
- Please note that this login page will be changing in July 25, 2019. From that point forward, you will use the Unified Access Portal (UAP) login page to access your HAP applications remotely. There is nothing for you to do to make the change happen.

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